About Us

Welcome to Gem Agile, your expert technology partner.

With over 30 years of rich experience, we work with a diverse range of companies of all sizes in all industries Do Tech Better.

From tech-savvy SaaS startups and enterprises to traditionally manual sectors such as healthcare and agriculture, we empower you to navigate the evolving digital landscape with confidence and agility.

Accommodate inevitable change, react to new opportunities.

What We Offer

Our wide range of technology services is fully tailored to your unique requirements.

But we aren't making it up as we go along. Our philosophy is firmly based on the Agile Manifesto and Principles which have underpinned successful software development for over 20 years.

From comprehensive technology health checks and expert software development to specialized offerings like Fractional CTO and due diligence support for venture capital and private equity firms, we deliver both immediate impact and a long-term roadmap for success.

You know your business. We help you drive it to the next level with the right approach to and implementation of technology, process and culture.

Who We Are

Gem Agile was founded by Chief Technology Officer Antony Gelberg, a technology and business executive leader with decades of experience across various industries operating at all levels from Board to code.

Most recently spending five years as CTO/VP Engineering at a global nine-figure EdTech startup, Antony was responsible for building the technology, process, and culture behind the delivery of software to thousands of business customers and hundreds of thousands of consumers.

He was heavily involved in M&A activity from due diligence to system integration as the company was acquired several times and in turn acquired other companies.

Antony's career path has provided him with the expertise and insights that are now the cornerstone of Gem Agile. Our knowledge, expertise, and professionalism offer technological solutions that create competitive advantage, reduce costs and improve delivery, efficiency and quality.

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